BMW X Series


    BMW X Series On Rent

    Brand Name
    Seating Capacity
    04 Passengers + 1 Driver 
    4 Wheel Drive – Seat belts in all seats, Multi Information Display, Auto Climate Control, Airbags, etc, Vehicle will be neat, clean & well maintained.

    Get the Ultimate BMW X5 on Rent at Ajay Travels

    BMW X5 takes you where you need to go with advanced driving characteristics, outstanding engineering, and eye-catching design. If you’re looking for excitement or comfort, BMW X5 is your best bet.

    BMW X5 is an excellent option for a holiday with friends or relatives. This elegantly designed model has plenty of room for anyone and everything you can and want to bring along for the ride. It has the efficiency of a standard BMW sports car and a large variety of features to make things simpler while on the road, whether for work or pleasure. If space and luxury comforts are important to you, BMW X5 will not disappoint as your next luxury BMW on rent from Ajay Travels.

    The BMW X5 is a roomy and elegant SUV.

    The X series is a line of luxury SUVs that combines the technical prowess of BMW’s top luxury cars with more space and off-road capability. The BMW X5 has a 300-horsepower turbocharged engine that can accelerate to 60 mph in about 7 seconds, which is impressive for an SUV. A ten-inch dashboard monitor allows drivers to keep track of acceleration and fuel levels while maintaining a good line of vision. The interior is built in the BMW style, with soft leather upholstery, plenty of wood panelling, and reasonable legroom to stretch out completely. The X5 has an extra row that can conveniently accommodate up to 7 adults, as its name implies. Now, BMW SUV on rent Delhi is available for you at Ajay Travels, go ahead and book now.

    A different level of power in the BMW X5.

    BMW has ideally combined the qualities of a road-friendly SUV with both the high-performance and amenities required of luxury cars with the design of the X5. This engineering marvel features a powerful engine and a newly built frame that ensures all 5,200 tons of it glides throughout the road with incredible acceleration. The all-wheel-drive system guarantees a better grip on all terrains, and the commanding and violent exterior shows its rugged capability.

    It will be a smart decision to hire BMW X on rent from Ajay Travels. Our services are guaranteed to provide an unbeatable experience in terms of excellent quality and guaranteed customer loyalty, backed by thoughtfully planned, competitive, and appealing pricing that does not compromise on standard or expectation.

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